Wool and Knitting Needles Necklace

Medium | Acrylic | Necklace
It's not always about sewing round here (actually, it pretty much is!) sometimes we like to get involved with other craft too - and so we decided to make a wool themed necklace for those that like to get knitty. Our ball of wool and knitting needle necklace is the perfect way to express your passion for knitting - buy one for yourself or your fellow crafters as a Christmas present, a birthday present, or just because you fancy it.

The wool and knitting needles necklace comes in our signature blue and features silver acrylic knitting needles. It measures approximately xxcm high and xxcm wide, and comes on a silver chain which is approximately xxcm long.

All our sewing and craft themed jewellery comes in a gift box on a fabric covered base.


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