Issey Culottes Pattern

The Issey Culottes combine the style of a cropped leg length with the traditional Japanese element of a super wide leg making them a hugely versatile garments. They may look like a skirt from a distance, but as soon as you walk, the swishy legs reveal themselves! Ideal for sewists who prefer the comfort of trousers but who want a slightly more elegant look. Featuring in-seam pockets and a an unusual folded down waistband, Issey works well for casual and more formal occasions. Dress up or dress down, cotton for summer, wool for winter, or how about taffeta or satin for a party? The Issey Culottes pattern knows no bounds other than your creativity!

Great for beginners, there are no darts on these culottes; pocket insertion, an easy to attach waistband and a simple zip closure are the only extra steps needed to make these trousers. But you might need to put aside a good twenty minutes to hem those super wide legs!

Issey Culottes Pattern comes in sizes 8 - 20. Fabric requirements:

All Emporia patterns are produced on paper and feature different coloured lines to differentiate between each size. Downloadable PDF patterns coming soon!


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